OTK streamer Tectone freaks out upon leaking staggering Lost Ark sponsorship payout

Tectone reacting to a leaked emailTwitch: Tectone

OTK streamer Tectone accidentally revealed the jaw-dropping amount he was paid for a Lost Ark sponsorship, and his reaction was golden. 

In the middle of a normal stream, Tectone was visited by fellow OTK members Emiru and Mizkif and they decided to check out the stream of the newest OTK member ExtraEmily. But something popped up on the screen that took the streamer aback.

An Outlook notification with the subject line ‘BILL’ read: OTK Media, Inc sent you USD 35,000.00 Memo: Inv #LostArk.

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Yes, Tectone was paid a mouth-watering $35,000 for a sponsorship deal with the game Lost Ark. And Tectone too realized just how insane the information was to the average viewer that he immediately freaked out at the leak. 

Tectone instantly switched the stream to his main camera and proceeded to freak out, running around the room. Meanwhile, Emiru and Mizkif just stood there, looking at each other in disbelief that a private email could leak in such a ridiculous manner. 

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“You have emails show up on your main monitor?” questioned Mizkif. “I don’t know how to turn it off man!” Tectone replied, shouting.

It’s quite clear Tectone was not too mad at the email leaking as he jokingly kept trying to convince his viewers that they did not see anything. And as Mizkif and Emiru were leaving his room, he told Mizkif that the sponsorship was done in November, and he is only getting paid now in February.

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He proceeded to check his phone, and even paused the stream for 30 seconds, to make sure the money arrived safely into his account. “If I got banned for that, that would’ve f***ing blown” he joked.