Ethan Klein slams Austin McBroom boxing event as “financial disaster”

Zackerie Fairfax
anesongib knocks down austin mcbroom boxing

Ethan Klein of the H3 Podcast weighed in on the Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib boxing event, roasting the size of the crowd and claiming the show had to be a financial disaster.

The Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib fight headlined the second Social Gloves event run by McBroom. However, the first Social Gloves event didn’t generate enough revenue to pay all of the fighters and investors.

But since then, Influencer Boxing events have skyrocketed in popularity with hundreds of thousands of fans flooding arenas and online streaming services to watch the likes of KSI and Jake Paul put a beat down on their opponents.

Influencer Boxing matches are also a way for creators to work out their beef with one another. And ahead of the McBroom vs Gib fight, plenty of drama had been brewed to help build hype for the battles… but Ethan Klein from the H3 Podcast isn’t convinced that was enough to stop Social Gloves history from repeating itself.

Ethan Klein weighs in on “empty” Social Gloves 2 event

During the 48th episode of the H3 Podcast: Off The Rails, Ethan Klein and his crew discussed the outcome of the Social Gloves: No More Talk event. Mainly, they focused on how “empty” the venue was according to social media posts and the satisfying outcome of the McBroom vs Gib fight.

According to sources at the venue, only 200 tickets were sold and 1,000 were given away for Social Gloves 2. And the video and image shown on the H3 Podcast reflected this information.

“This is a 20,000-seat arena. It’s empty, bro,” Ethan stated while watching a recording from a spectator. “There’s nobody there. I’m sure this was a financial disaster, right?”

Dan Swerdlove concurred stating that “it had to be” a financial setback for Triller, the company behind Social Gloves 2 as well as several other influencers and professional boxing events.

They then switched gears to talk about the outcome of the McBroom vs Gib fight. “[McBroom] got absolutely dominated… I mean, absolutely destroyed.”

While McBroom did knock down Gib in round one, Gib would come back to knock down McBroom five times with him failing to pick himself up off the mat after the fifth.

Klein speculated, “Austin looked horrible. I think Austin beat Bryce Hall and thought he was the sh*t, and I don’t think he prepared much for this fight.”

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