Twitch CEO blames “the algorithm” for mobile showcase blunder

Tristan Stringer

Viewers caught a glimpse of what the Twitch CEO could be watching on his own platform during a showcase of new mobile features on the streaming app.

Twitch has dominated the streaming world for years, putting competitors such as Kick in a position to acquire the exclusivity rights to their biggest streamers, while the likes of Ninja and Kai Cenat have remained on the former.

Twitch has come under fire after flip-flopping on policy changes and attempts to move into the short-form social video market, taking on TikTok and Instagram. Twitch CEO Daniel Clancy showcased the new features, but in doing so, revealed what content his algorithm suggested he watch.

While demoing Twitch’s new clip viewing features on mobile with Spanish streamer Rubius, Clancy can be seen scrolling to a brief clip of a hot tub streamer.

Immediately swiping away to find a clip suitable to show on stream, Clancy quipped, “That’s because of the algorithm.” Rubius laughed off the situation while the Twitch chat flooded with laughing emotes.

Viewers have since hopped on the embarrassing incident after clips appeared across socials, “He needs a work phone as soon as possible,” a viewer commented.

This isn’t the first time the Twitch CEO has accidentally revealed his algorithm. When he initially showed the new features of Twitch on mobile, he revealed a girl-filled front page. The algorithm has proved effective if not a bit of a snitch for your watching habits.

The repeating incident from Clancy caused some viewers to question how content is promoted on the platform and which type of streams get priority. One stated, “No wonder the hot tub streams are at the front of the page.”

“If I were him, I would get someone else to handle this stuff and shift the blame onto them if this material comes up,” opined another.

According to Twitch’s terms of service, its attire policy states that it “doesn’t permit streamers to be fully or partially nude.” This rule applies to all streamers and VTubers, though the platform’s CEO’s algorithm promotes those who like to push that policy’s boundaries.

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