Twitch streamer Esfand accidentally helps thief escape mall on IRL stream

esfand stream thief

Streamer Esfand was casually walking through a shopping mall in San Francisco when he accidentally aided an apparent thief’s escape, as guards pursued.

As he was leaving a store, while streaming, Esfand politely held the door open for a man who was also leaving, who can be seen carrying a tablet and a large bag.

The man was being followed by two inquisitive security guards, who Esfand also held the door open for.

Once the first man left the building, the two guards stopped and briefly discussed what to do, before running out after him.

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The guards can then be heard shouting after the man: “Get him! He just stole a whole computer.”

In the stream, Esfand wanders out onto the road and looks at the security guards for several seconds before the penny drops.

“Oh fr*ck, did I just pull an Uncle Ben and hold a door open for a thief? Oh my gosh.”

Several comments sarcastically praised Esfand’s reaction time, and joked that the security guards should go for him as he was complicit in the crime.

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One Reddit user joked: “He also held the door open for the security so it cancels out.”

This is not the first time Esfand has been involved in strange IRL streaming events. At TwitchCon last year, he and several other streamers were the victims of a drive-by airsoft shooting.

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