Travis Scott’s huge $8 million car collection revealed: Lambo, Ferrari, more

Travis Scott Ferrari LaFerrariInstagram: @travisscott

Rapper and producer Travis Scott is a household name, winning numerous awards throughout his music career. With such a successful life, he has been able to afford some incredible cars, as YouTuber Seb Delanney discovers.

With a net worth of around $58m thanks to his diverse musical career as both an artist and producer, Travis Scott has afforded himself a lifestyle of luxury and comfort. This, of course, extends to his incredible multi-million dollar car collection.

Featuring a multitude of exotic cars and hypercars, Travis’ collection reads like a whos-who of luxury cars. Not only that, but Scott has a habit of customizing his vehicles, so there are some interestingly-specced choices in his garage.

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Travis Scott LandauletInstagram: @travisscott
One of the most unusual cars in his collection is the Maybach G650 Landaulet, with only 99 made worldwide.

A firm favorite in the celebrity world, Scott is known for his customized Range Rover Autobiography. Worth around $130,000, his car has been significantly customized, including being wrapped in a new color. Therefore, it is likely that his ‘Rover’ would be worth significantly more than this.

In typical celebrity style, his collection also includes a number of Lamborghinis. While he has a Lamborghini Urus in his collection, the highlight of his Lambos has to be the West Coast Customs special Lamborghini Aventador SV. Worth over $497,000, this customized SV is one of the jewels in his fleet.

Sticking with the supercar theme, Travis has often been seen in a Ferrari 488. While he has kept this one mostly stock, it is still worth a cool $325,000 as standard.

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One of the most unusual cars in his collection has to be the Maybach G650 Landaulet. Based on the Mercedes G wagon, this extended and heavily modified ‘G’ has over 600hp from its twin-turbo V12 engine. With only 99 built, it would’ve set Scott back around $1 million.

The pinnacle of Travis’ car collection has to be his two hypercars. First up is the ever-cool Ferrari LaFerrari. With second-hand values so high, Scott likely paid in the region of $3m for his. Finished in Rosso Corsa over Black leather, its a timeless and exquisite Italian performance icon.

Finally, there’s his Bugatti Chiron. Bought as a $3m 28th birthday present to himself, the Chiron has 1500hp from its quad-turbocharged engine. Fitted with crazy purple underglow, his Chiron looks like something straight out of Need for Speed.

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In total, Travis Scott’s collection is worth nearly $8,000,000 though the reality is he probably has a number of low-key cars for when he doesn’t want to be spotted. This means the total value is likely in excess of $8m – not bad for a 28-year old!