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Travis Scott’s huge $8 million car collection revealed: Lambo, Ferrari, more

Published: 6/Oct/2020 14:41

by Kieran Bicknell


Rapper and producer Travis Scott is a household name, winning numerous awards throughout his music career. With such a successful life, he has been able to afford some incredible cars, as YouTuber Seb Delanney discovers.

With a net worth of around $58m thanks to his diverse musical career as both an artist and producer, Travis Scott has afforded himself a lifestyle of luxury and comfort. This, of course, extends to his incredible multi-million dollar car collection.

Featuring a multitude of exotic cars and hypercars, Travis’ collection reads like a whos-who of luxury cars. Not only that, but Scott has a habit of customizing his vehicles, so there are some interestingly-specced choices in his garage.

Travis Scott Landaulet
Instagram: @travisscott
One of the most unusual cars in his collection is the Maybach G650 Landaulet, with only 99 made worldwide.

A firm favorite in the celebrity world, Scott is known for his customized Range Rover Autobiography. Worth around $130,000, his car has been significantly customized, including being wrapped in a new color. Therefore, it is likely that his ‘Rover’ would be worth significantly more than this.

In typical celebrity style, his collection also includes a number of Lamborghinis. While he has a Lamborghini Urus in his collection, the highlight of his Lambos has to be the West Coast Customs special Lamborghini Aventador SV. Worth over $497,000, this customized SV is one of the jewels in his fleet.

Sticking with the supercar theme, Travis has often been seen in a Ferrari 488. While he has kept this one mostly stock, it is still worth a cool $325,000 as standard.

One of the most unusual cars in his collection has to be the Maybach G650 Landaulet. Based on the Mercedes G wagon, this extended and heavily modified ‘G’ has over 600hp from its twin-turbo V12 engine. With only 99 built, it would’ve set Scott back around $1 million.

The pinnacle of Travis’ car collection has to be his two hypercars. First up is the ever-cool Ferrari LaFerrari. With second-hand values so high, Scott likely paid in the region of $3m for his. Finished in Rosso Corsa over Black leather, its a timeless and exquisite Italian performance icon.

Finally, there’s his Bugatti Chiron. Bought as a $3m 28th birthday present to himself, the Chiron has 1500hp from its quad-turbocharged engine. Fitted with crazy purple underglow, his Chiron looks like something straight out of Need for Speed.

In total, Travis Scott’s collection is worth nearly $8,000,000 though the reality is he probably has a number of low-key cars for when he doesn’t want to be spotted. This means the total value is likely in excess of $8m – not bad for a 28-year old!


Hilarious Forza Horizon 4 glitch sends cars into the stratosphere

Published: 23/Oct/2020 11:19

by Kieran Bicknell


Despite being two years old, Forza Horizon 4 still continues to throw up random glitches and bugs. Thankfully, most of them are hilarious one-off incidents, such as this glitch which occurred during a race. 

Most players of racing games such as Forza Horizon 4 have never considered blending the game with others such as Flight Simulator. However, the Mercedes-AMG G63 featured in the video below may have had a taster of what a collaboration between the two games may look like.

Glitches still regularly show up in Forza Horizon despite the game being around two years old. Many are posted to subreddits such as r/forza and r/forzahorizon, which is exactly how this video by user CheaterDust was discovered.

FH4 Mercedes X Class
YouTube: SlapTrain
The Mercedes X Class was added to Forza Horizon during Series 8.

Forza Horizon 4 jump glitch

The glitch itself seems to have randomly occurred as a result of the G63 colliding with another car while in mid-air.

CheaterDust captured the screen recording while in a race, with his Mercedes X-Class taking on what appears to be the Mercedes-AMG G63.

Having drifted around a corner and through the checkpoint seen in the video, the two vehicles racing head-to-head enter into a rutted cross-country section of the circuit.

Once upon the rough terrain, the two vehicles gain ‘airtime’ from the jumps, and collide in mid-air. This seems to trigger a glitch in the game which sent the G63 flying into the air.

Yeet from r/forza

Since it was an AI vehicle there was no first-person footage from the G-Wagon of the incident, but even CheaterDust doesn’t seem to be able to believe what happened.

Having sent the G63 safely into the stratosphere, the Redditor keeps checking back to see if the car lands again. Eventually, after around six seconds, the Mercedes crashes back down to earth.

As if the damage from the glitch wasn’t enough to put the car out of the race, the G63 also dropped back several places in the race.

According to the poster, this glitch isn’t possible to replicate with another ‘human’ player, and can only happen to AI cars. Whether it is an issue with the physics engine or the AI engine specifically is unclear, but the results are undeniably hilarious.