Erika Costell responds to concerns over her sudden weight loss

. 3 years ago
Erika Costell, Instagram - YouTube

Popular YouTuber, model, and music artist Erika Costell has finally opened up about her weight loss, which saw criticism and concern alike throughout her fanbase.

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Costell addressed the issue in a vlog on January 28, claiming that she is not suffering from an eating disorder and is not taking any special “diet pills” or supplements to help her lose weight.

Instead, Costell attributed her recent weight loss to stress and anxiety from the past few months – likely in reference to her breakup with controversial YouTuber Jake Paul in early November of 2018.

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“Being completely honest, I’ve been going through a lot of changes that have caused me a lot of anxiety and stress the past couple of months,” Costell explained. “This is not abnormal for my body whatsoever.”

Costell went on to state that her weight often fluctuates often depending on her anxiety levels, which she admitted have been fairly high as of late.

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“I will say, my anxiety the past few months is the worst it’s ever, ever been,” she continued. “That is the truth behind my weight loss.”

Costell’s weight was previously addressed by Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem, who compared the model to YouTuber Eugenia Cooney (who is widely speculated to suffer from bulimia or anorexia).

Despite their current beef, Paul defended Costell against KEEM’s comments, calling the host a “piece of trash” for insinuating that Costell suffered from an eating disorder – as well as calling Costell “gorgeous” despite their breakup.

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