Enna Alouette apologizes after backlash over “insensitive & ignorant” comment on stream

Calum Patterson
enna allouette and kyo kaneko on stream

NIJISANJI EN VTuber Enna Alouette has issued an apology on Twitter, admitting she made an “insensitive & ignorant comment on a certain stereotype.”

While streaming alongside fellow NIJISANJI VTuber Kyo Kaneko, Enna commented that it was difficult to impersonate his accent because it “kinda tells me you maybe listen to too much Snoop Dogg,” and also quipped about eating chicken.

Kyo quickly warned Enna that she had perhaps made a mistake and fed into a stereotype, although Enna appeared oblivious in the moment.

After the clips made the rounds on social media on October 27, Enna issued a response on Twitter.

“Hey guys, Kyo explained to me about something that I ignorantly said & was culturally unaware of,” Enna explained.

“I’m really sorry I disappointed you guys & myself with my insensitive & ignorant comment on a certain stereotype. Not knowing & not having malicious intent is not an excuse.”

In a follow-up tweet, Enna continued, “I will make sure I’m more mindful of my words, mindset & behavior.

“If I ever make you uncomfortable, I understand if you need to step away from me & my platform. I promise I will do better through my actions.”

In a final post, she apologized to her fans and said she had let them down.

Enna has been growing rapidly in the past year, now fast approaching 500,000 YouTube subscribers. She joined NIJISANJI EN in October 2021, as part of its third ‘wave’ group, Ethyria. She has also embarked on a music career, releasing a handful of singles.