Emiru reveals creepy “grooming” messages from big Twitch streamers when she was in school

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Emiru posing for the camera

Popular Twitch streamer Emily ‘Emiru’ Schunk revealed during a recent Noodle Shop podcast episode that she received creepy messages from “big Twitch streamers” while she was still in high school.

Like many of the top creators on Twitch, Emiru has been streaming for quite some time having begun her career in 2015.

Since then, the 24-year-old streamer’s platform has grown to over 20k viewers in 2022, and recently joined fellow OTK members Rich Cambell and Tectone to form the Noodle Shop Podcast.

During a recent episode, Emiru revealed that she received “creepy” messages from big Twitch streamers while still in high school that included comments about grooming and other things.

Emiru reveals creepy “grooming” messages from Twitch streamers

During the Noodle Shop Podcast, the OTK trio was talking about how the Twitch community has evolved over the years to become more welcoming to people of different races, genders, and the like.

Emiru quickly chimed in and said: “There’s some sh*t that happened to me that would not f**king fly now at all like people would be f**king canceled if it happened now.”

“So like, I started streaming on Twitch when I was 17 so I was in high school. There were multiple big male streamers that found me that were way older than me, like five to ten years older than me,” she explained.

“They would make jokes about grooming me and picking me up from school. Schoolbus and prom jokes. Some of the biggest streamers on the platform at the time and nobody cared.”

(Topic starts at 51:10 in the video)

She went on to explain that others would laugh about it when she brought it up to them, and she would get hate for it.

“People would call me a slut and be like ‘Oh you’re a clout chaser,’ even though I never contacted them and never hung out with them when they asked me to.. and they knew that I was in high school,” she added.

She didn’t name any of the alleged Twitch streamers, but both Rich Cambell and Tectone agree that her story was “awful” and that they hope the platform continues to get better so things like this don’t happen again.

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