Elon Musk promises to step down as Twitter boss after being voted out in poll

Twitter poll Elon MuskUNSPLASH / Twitter

Elon Musk, the current owner of Twitter and founder of both Space X and Tesla has promised to step down as the controversial boss of the social media platform after being voted out in a recent poll.

The newly appointed boss of the social media platform has had a rocky run since he took over in October 2022, publishing new policies unbanning controversial figures like Andrew Tate, reworking the verification badges, and most recently, attempting to ban the promotion of other platforms on the site, which was quickly reversed.

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Now, in an unexpected poll, Musk has taken to Twitter to allow its users the chance to vote on whether Musk should step down as the head. This is not a new addition to how Musk has been running the platform as he often uses polls to determine new policies or changes to be made. However, this poll is much more serious and has not turned out in his favor.

Elon Musk promises to step down as Twitter Head

With over 17 million votes, the users of Twitter have voted to remove Elon Musk from his position as the head of Twitter. The results were relatively close, with the percentages being close to 50% on each side, however, the vote has clearly gone against the CEO’s favor.

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While Musk has undeniably lost the poll, it remains to be seen if he will abide by the result and begin looking for a succession, despite stating he “will abide by the results of [the] poll.”

Many users wondered if this was all a stunt to hide the fact Musk already had a new CEO chosen. However, he quickly shot down such rumors by stating “no one wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive” and that “there is no successor” to his spot.

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It seems, despite the results of the poll, the future of Twitter is as uncertain as ever and only time can tell regarding a new head for the social media platform.

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