Twitter launches gold & blue verified ticks: What do they mean?

Twitter blue gold checksTwitter

Twitter’s new verification system revamp is now in effect as Elon Musk looks to let anyone be verified on the social media platform, for a fee. So with new blue and gold ticks on the app, here’s a quick rundown on what they actually mean.

With Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, we’ve seen ample changes made to the popular, bite-sized social media platform. Among these adjustments has been a desire to overhaul the existing verification system.

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Rather than celebrities, news outlets, government officials, and the like all sharing one common blue tick as before, Musk would rather any user be able to secure a once-privileged verified tick. In doing so, we now have multiple different checkmarks on Twitter to distinguish between various accounts.

As you’re browsing through, you may notice not only the original blue checkmarks but now gold ticks as well. So if you’re wondering what it all means, we’ve got you covered here with a full explanation.

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What are blue verified ticks on Twitter?

With Twitter Blue’s premium subscription, any user is able to verify their account for a monthly fee. In doing so, this provides a blue verified tick on the platform, so long as that subscription continues. This form of verification is signified by clicking on the blue tick and seeing that the account pays for Twitter Blue.

However, that’s not all. Previously verified accounts prior to Musk’s takeover also have blue checkmarks for the time being. Without requiring a Twitter Blue subscription, these select accounts have a blue tick that reads: “This is a legacy account. It may or may not be notable.” In a few months time, Musk has promised to remove these checkmarks for good, meaning blue ticks will only be available for those that pay.

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Legacy accounts on TwitterTwitter
Previously verified accounts on Twitter are now recognized as ‘Legacy’ accounts.

What are gold verified ticks on Twitter?

New to Twitter as of December 12, gold checkmarks are now available on Twitter for official business accounts. While these businesses won’t be recognized automatically, brands must pay for Twitter Blue for Business to secure a gold tick on their company account.

This means you won’t see any individuals with golden checkmarks on Twitter, only businesses.

Gold checkmark on TwitterTwitter
Gold checkmarks are exclusive for official business accounts on Twitter.

What is the official label on Twitter?

Last but not least, with the confusion surrounding blue checkmarks, as some users are notable and others have simply paid for verification, Twitter has also added an ‘Official’ label. Accounts with this additional feature will have the word ‘Official’ directly under their name on the profile page.

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Twitter official labelTwitter
Certain accounts also have an ‘Official’ label on Twitter.

Official labels are restricted purely for “government accounts, political organizations, and commercial companies including business partners, major brands, media outlets, publishers, and some public figures,” Twitter states.

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