Eddie Hearn warns KSI against fighting “real boxer” Jake Paul

Boxer KSI, sport promoter Eddie Hearn, boxer Jake PaulINSTAGRAM: KSI/EDDIE HEARN/Jake Paul

Sports promoter Eddie Hearn has warned KSI against fighting his long-time rival Jake Paul, claiming the YouTuber is on a different level.

Hearn recently appeared on the DAZN Boxing Show, addressing a potential fight between KSI and Jake Paul, warning KSI that a fight between the two could be “dangerous.”

“Jake is a different category” Hearn said. “I don’t even class Jake as YouTube boxer anymore, I class him as a real boxer.”

He concluded that “KSI’s probably not [on Paul’s level] because of the training. He’s taken a couple of years out, he’s come back, whereas Jake Paul trains like a proper fighter. That would be a very dangerous fight for KSI.”

KSI and Jake Paul have both boxed as amateurs and professionals. KSI had his first amateur bout in 2018, when he drew with Logan Paul before defeating him in a professional match a year later. He has not stepped in the ring since then.

Paul, however, remains undefeated with a professional record of 5-0, knocking out every opponent he has faced.

Three weeks ago, KSI took to Twitter offering to step in for Tommy Fury, after he dropped out of his scheduled boxing match against Paul. The match was canceled due to Fury being denied entry to the US.

Paul responded to the tweet by claiming that KSI is “not on my level in boxing or the boxing biz”.

Eventually, Fury was replaced by Hasim Rahman Jr, who will take on Paul on August 6.

Who is Hasim Rahman Jr?

Jake Paul’s new opponent Hasim Rahman Jr is the son of former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman. He is also a former sparring partner of Paul.

The 31-year-old amateur boxer is currently ranked 53rd in the pound-for-pound rankings in the USA, having won 12 and lost only one of his fights so far.

He recently accused Paul of “running away” from him, and he warned him: “I’m going to f**k you up.”

Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr bout starts on August 6 at around 11.00pm ET, while KSI will return to the ring after almost three years out to face Alex Wassabi on August 27.