Hasim Rahman JR accuses Jake Paul of “running” in leaked sparring footage

Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman JRYouTube/ SHOWTIME Sports

Jake Paul’s next boxing opponent, Hasim Rahman JR, has responded to footage released by The Problem Child showing a confrontational sparring session that sparked their rivalry.

On August 6, popular content creator turned boxer Jake Paul will be facing off against Hasim Rahman JR after his would-be opponent Tommy Fury had issues entering the US.

Before their match, however, the two held a press conference where Hasim Rahman JR’s father purposed a future fight involving Jake’s brother Logan and his other son, only for Paul to claim he “beat his ass in sparring too,” adding that he has footage.

To this, Hasim Rahman JR claimed that Jake didn’t release all the footage and that he actually ran away.

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Hasim Rahman JR says Jake Paul “ran” during heated confrontation

“With this footage stuff, they be putting out what they want to put out,” the boxer said. “Did you put out the footage where you turned around and ran away from me in the ring? Why didn’t you put that out? You turned your back and ran.”

A bit later on, Paul responded, saying that Rahman JR was “nervous” about what happened during sparring, leading his opponent to reveal what happened.

“I boxed this man with one hand behind my back and I promise you, he turned his back and ran from me.” Rahman JR alleged. “That’s what’s going on in his whole camp. He’s barking up the wrong tree. I’m going to f**k you up.”

Jake Paul new boxing opponentInstagram: JakePaul / Instagram: _jr
Jake Paul got into a heated confrontation with his next opponent.

Whether or not Jake Paul can earn the victory and improve to 6-0 remains to be seen, but given these allegations from Rahman JR, this could be the YouTuber’s biggest test yet.

We’ll have to see who prevails once the fight begins on August 6 at Madison Square Garden.