Eddie Hearn admits he backed out of Jake Paul fight offer to avoid embarrassing knockout

Connor Bennett
Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul interview side-by-side

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has revealed that he considered calling out Jake Paul for a fight, but changed his mind after he realized what the outcome would be. 

As he’s gotten more and more ingrained in the boxing world, Jake Paul has had plenty of people lining up to fight him, with many hoping that they can be the one to knock him out and end his undefeated streak.

To this point, the YouTuber-turned-boxer has fought athletes who aren’t prototypical boxers – even though he’ll happily argue that Tyron Woodley’s status as a UFC Champion shows he can mix it with some dangerous fighters.

Jake has already run-in with those outside of the ring as well, getting involved in a heated argument with fellow promoter Eddie Hearn prior to the Amanda Serrano vs Katie Taylor super fight, with Hearn labeling the social media star as an “average boxer.”

Jake Paul wins vs woodley
Jake Paul is currently 5-0 in his boxing career.

Well, following on from that, the face of the Matchroom Boxing brand claimed that he has considered calling Jake out for a fight, as he weighed up his prospects against other promoters.

“I thought about calling Jake Paul out but, then again, I would get chinned and that would be embarrassing,” Hearn told Talksport, saying he’d get into the ring if the money was right.

While he would take on a fight, Hearn isn’t making any wild claims about his skills and suggesting he might be the next Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson. The promoter added that, really, he “can’t fight” despite being around the sport his whole life.

Jake Paul and Eddie Hearn arguing on camera
Jake and Eddie had a heated clash in the build-up to Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano.

So, if you were hoping that Jake and Eddie would continue their feud throughout the summer and settle things in the ring in August, well, bad luck.

It is still unknown as to who Jake will be fighting in his return to action, with plenty of options on the table. Though, it is sure to be fascinating.

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