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Drunk fan tries to stop popular Korean streamer Yunicorn from leaving meetup

Published: 21/Jan/2019 13:03 Updated: 21/Jan/2019 13:13

by Matt Porter


Popular Korean streamer Yunicorn had an uncomfortable encounter with a fan who attempted to stop her from leaving a meetup.

The streamer had agreed to meet with a viewer of her stream, but was unhappy when he showed up two hours late, saying that he had been drinking and had taken a nap before he met with Yuni.


The pair decided to get food, during which the viewer asked Yuni how much free time she had after the stream, and if she would like to hang out with him afterwards. The clearly-uncomfortable streamer quickly sidestepped the question, responding “We’ll see” before staring at her phone.


Finally, it became clear that Yunicorn wanted to leave, however the viewer was insistent that she stayed, attempting to persuade her.


When Yuni told him that she would like to go home, the viewer turned her camera away, telling her that they would “talk this out.” The viewer, who Twitch referred to as Ash, then spoke to Yuni off-screen, saying: “Please, I don’t want you to go just yet. I want to say a proper goodbye. You know I’m leaving on Wednesday, you can at least make it worthwhile.”

At this point, Yunicorn realized that the camera had been turned to face away from the pair, prompting the streamer to angrily question him as to why he turned it away, something that Ash claimed was “an accident.”


Since the uncomfortable interaction, Yunicorn has returned and broadcasted from her home, but many viewers have questioned whether it was wise to meet a fan in a one-on-one environment like this.