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Dr DisRespect’s Hilarious Impression of a Twitch Executive After He Was Given a Warning

Published: 21/Aug/2018 20:04 Updated: 21/Aug/2018 20:05

by Calum Patterson


After recently being warned about doing one of his signature moves on broadcast, Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect did his best impression of the executive he imagines handed down the ruling.

The Doc was told that he could no longer grab his crotch area (or as he likes to call it, his ‘marble bag’) on stream, and he wasn’t happy about the supposed censorship from the Amazon owned platform.

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As his name would suggest, being ‘disrespectful’ is part of his character, and no matter who it is, he rarely holds back how he really feels, even about Twitch itself.


During a recent stream, he addressed the warning he received about doing his signature move – by doing his best impression of a “Twitch Executive”.

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“I don’t like this guy! Who’s this guy grabbing his crotch!? I don’t like him! I’m such a big shot! […] I hate this Doctor guy! He can’t be grabbing his crotch like that!”

The Doc even suggested in the gag that the Twitch exec’s may treat him less favorably because he isn’t a Fortnite streamer (the most popular game on Twitch), rather he primarily plays PUBG, and other titles.

“We need to support the Fortnite streamers more, they’re bringing in the numbers! This f***ing Dr DisRespect guy, I hate him!”

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Despite not being a through and through Fortnite streamer, Dr DisRespect is still one of the biggest streamers on the platform, in the top 10 most followed channels.

His presence on the on the website is undoubtedly valued by Twitch, so although they may try to reign him in sometimes, his character is always going to have to be somewhat ‘disrespectful.’