Dr Disrespect shares his final review of The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us poster with title and Dr Disrespect screenshotNaughty Dog/ YouTube: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect finally completed the iconic single-player game ‘The Last Of Us’ nearly 10 years after its original release and he shared his highly-anticipated review of the game with fans. 

Streaming star Dr Disrespect is well-known for his antics in battle royale games like Fortnite and Call Of Duty, often teaming up with the likes of his fellow sharp-shooters TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS.

However, the Doc has expressed his lack of motivation with such games previously. His various issues with Warzone’s Caldera map being one reason among many.

He decided to expand his horizons and have a go at a game he’d never played before. In a surprise twist from the Two-Time, he settled on 2013’s classic game ‘The Last Of Us‘ after recommendations from his fans and was very glad he did.

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The Last Of Us poster with Dr Disrespect edited in.It took nearly 10 years for the Doc to finally get round to playing The Last Of Us, but it was well worth the wait.

Dr Disrespect reviews The Last Of Us

After concluding his first playthrough of The Last Of Us, Dr Disrespect shared his final thoughts on the game. As the credits rolled, he proclaimed: “That’s pretty good, man!”

The Doc heaped praise on the clicker-fuelled classic. In particular, he enjoyed the game’s “environments, the mood, [and] the storytelling elements” which he called “pretty awesome.”

Although he claimed that TLOU has “tons of pros,” it did have some drawbacks. For instance, he claimed there could be more variety in the combat as well as the type of enemies he had to fight. He also was critical of the looting part of the game as it “took him out” of the story and “it wasn’t fun.”

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Timestamp of 2:01:28

He admitted it was hard to give TLOU an overall score as it was made in 2013. Although, he eventually settled on an “8.6/.5 out of 10 in terms of the year.” However, he claimed that if the Naughty Dog title came out now with more up-to-date graphics he’d give it a solid score of 8.

The Doc also expressed his excitement for the upcoming TLOU TV series and how it could be “really good.” However, he warned it would “take the right director to capture the right feel that [he] felt.”

So, Dr Disrespect’s The Last Of Us streams have officially come to an end. However, his fans were blown away by his content with one fan proclaiming it to be “one of the best streams this year,” especially as he then went on to pull on a cracking hole-in-one shot during a game of PGA 2K22.

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Now, the question is whether he’ll take on The Last of Us 2.