Streamer brings Dr Disrespect back to Twitch with a creative twist

an image of dr disrespectDr Disrespect, @Hashtagmattt

Twitch streamer Hashtagmattt paid tribute to Dr Disrespect with an incredible drawing of The Two Time, in a bid to see if he could get banned from the streaming platform. 

Dr Disrespect dominated Twitch before he was surprisingly banned and had to make the switch to YouTube. Though, he and the Champions Club are still going strong on Twitch’s rival platform.

With the Doc being banned from Twitch, he’s not allowed to appear on the platform, but that hasn’t stopped some mischievous streamers from cosplaying as him before.

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In the case of Hashtagmattt, though, he didn’t don The Doc’s signature mullet and mustache. Instead, he penned an amazing piece of art in tribute to The Two-Time.

dr disrespect streamYouTube: Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect moved to YouTube for live streaming in August 2020.

Twitch streamer tests platform’s limits by drawing Dr Disrespect

Graphic Designer and Twitch streamer @Hashtagmattt streamed his drawing process on June 3, putting together an epic interpretation of The Doc.

According to Full Squad Gaming co-owner Jake Lucky, the streamer was attempting to test Twitch’s guidelines too: “This dude livestreamed himself drawing Dr Disrespect while on Twitch seeing if he would get banned.”

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“There was no ban and he finished the full thing,” added Lucky.

The streamers guideline test comes after claims that Twitch was clamping down on creators just for mentioning Dr Disrespect. Despite these restrictions, Hastagmattt managed to finish his stream without worrying about sanctions imposed on his account. To this point, there haven’t been any repercussions either.

The superb artwork continues to pick up steam across social media, with fans suggesting the streamer should be given a chance to work with The Two-Time in an official capacity.

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Dr Disrespect is currently working on Project Moon, which is been developed by The Doc’s own studio Midnight Society.