Dr Disrespect actually turned into a zombie during The Last Of Us stream

dr disrespect the last of usDr Disrespect / Naughty Dog

YouTube streaming sensation Dr Disrespect might be known for streaming first-person shooters like Apex Legends or Call of Duty, yet in a nice change of pace he’s been playing The Last of Us on stream. 

The Two-Time started his playthrough of the original TLOU title on June 2, some nine years after the critically-acclaimed zombie game came out.

Speaking of walkers, there are tons of living dead characters roaming around in Naughty Dog’s world, some of which are more dangerous than others. From ordinary wandering zombies to deadly Clickers, the player always has to be aware of their surroundings.

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For Dr Disrespect, he’s settled into the apocalyptic world like a duck to water. The streamer is known for the insane production value of his broadcasts, but wait until you see this.

Last of Us gameplayNaughty Dog
Navigating The Last of Us without dying to the zombies is a tough task, in the original and sequel.

Dr Disrespect becomes zombie during TLOU stream

In one of the funniest segments he’s produced since starting the playthrough, Doc stopped playing for a second as the camera switched to a loading screen.

Seconds later, there he was – a groaning 6ft8 superstar with a 37-inch vertical leap, as well as a hunched back and deadly swing.

He fully took on the role of a zombie… Watch this.

Many fans have been chiming in with their comments, with one saying: “This had me dying!” Another said: “Reliving this masterpiece with the Doc was everything I wanted it to be.”

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Dr Disrespect is expected to close out the story on June 3 and the surprising walkthrough comes just days after he complained about the lack of games to play right now.

After seeing some 415,000 people drop into the Arena to watch him play this single-player game, what’s next for the self-professed best video gamer in the world? Depending on how much he enjoys this first game, it could be The Last of Us Part 2… We’ll have to wait and see.