WoW Classic surpasses 1 million Twitch viewers at launch

The launch of World of Warcraft Classic had a lot of excitement around it and that resulted in over 1 million viewers on Twitch, easily the most viewed game on the platform by a landslide.

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As players eagerly awaited the launch of WoW Classic, viewership for the game on Twitch went through the roof. Around 500,000 were just sitting around and watching players stare at the login screen, hours before the official launch.

However, once the servers opened up, viewership shot to over 1 million, easily putting it at the top of Twitch, nearly 10 times higher than the next game, Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft, which had its own weekly event going on.

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BlizzardWoW Classic has arrived.
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Asmongold, who pulled around 300K of those viewers on his own, had the best reaction to finding out the numbers got that high.

“Holy shit,” he said after his party informed him of the number. “Holy shit, wow!”

It’s no surprise to see viewership reach this level given how many large streamers have fond memories of the game and couldn’t wait to try it again.

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The viewership will probably level out to more reasonable numbers in the days after launch, but for now the hype is as high as ever.

If streamers like Asmongold, Sodapoppin, shroud, TimTheTatman, etc. all remain on the game, you can expect it to remain at the top of the directory for a very long time.

TwitchWorld of Warcraft shot to 1 million viewers.
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The launch of Classic came at an excellent time as many streamers were looking for something to play other than Fortnite and their prayers were answered in a big way.

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Season 10 has left a sour taste in the mouths of many and WoW represents the breath of fresh air and nostalgia they need.

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Only time will tell if WoW Classic has the legs to be the Fortnite killer on Twitch but early signs are very promising.

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