Dr Disrespect Pulls Off Hilarious Impression of Players who Use Fortnite Emotes

Virginia Glaze. Last updated: Aug 24, 2018

One of Twitch’s most popular streamers had a few choice words concerning users of Fortnite’s emotes.

While Dr Disrespect is better known for his exploits in PUBG, he has since dabbled in Fortnite – and has inspired a number of clippable moments from his stream.

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During one of these streams, Dr Disrespect was asked to showcase some of the upcoming emotes in Fortnite’s V5.3 patch.

As he was playing an early access version of the title, he indulged his audience, giving them a glimpse of “Praise the Tomato” (a Fornite-esque take on Dark Souls’ “Praise the Sun” action) and “Confusion.”

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He didn’t seem too impressed by these animations, and confirmed his indifference in a hilarious spiel.

“Funny thing about all this stuff is that there’s people out there… the younger generation… well, not just the younger generation. There are older people who will look at that and go, ‘Ah! That’s so cool! Did you see that emote?’”

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Dr Disrespect then went off on a tangent, laughing hysterically and drooling from the mouth in an impression of players who go gaga over Fortnite’s emotes. His chat was both amused and concerned, with one viewer remarking that he’d, “blown a gasket.”

Doc composed himself afterwards and got back to business.

“Right? There’s people out there who get that excited. They get that excited.”

With Fortnite’s V5.3 patch, even more emotes will soon be available to players. With actions like the “Llama Bell,” “Shake it Up,” and “Fancy Feet,” users will be able to express themselves in more ways than ever.