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Dr Disrespect mocks PewDiePie’s skills during Friday Fortnite matchup

Published: 8/Jun/2019 13:52 Updated: 8/Jun/2019 14:41

by Daniel Cleary


Dr Disrespect went back and forth with YouTube star, PewDiePie, during their winners round two matchup of KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite tournament.

Friday Fortnite has seen massive success since its relaunch on May 30, especially with the announcement that Ninja and PewDiePie would be teaming up in much anticipated collaboration to take on the competition.

When it was Dr Disrespect’s turn to match up against the iconic pair, he began to play it as cool as he always does, and even took some shots toward the Swedish YouTuber during their first match.

PGI BerlinDr Disrespect and Ninja have competed against each other in the past on numerous occasions.

After wishing each other good luck, the Doc began to wonder which region PewDiePie was going to be competing from, asking him where he was based, “Pewdie where are you from, Australia? Like Antarctica or what?”

After being told that the YouTuber was from Sweden and based in the UK, Dr Disrespect jokingly said “So like South America or Something?” and PewDiePie played along, agreeing “That’s right.”

During their game, while retreating from a potential fight, Dr Disrespect still found time to mock his opponent, as he ran towards the Swede, saying, “I’m going to PewDiePie, I’m going to try and use PewDiePie as an example of how not to play Fortnite.”

Despite the Doc’s best efforts and confidence in himself and his duo, Arkhram, they were unable to progress past the winner’s bracket round two, ultimately falling short to Ninja and PewDiePie.

Dr Disrespect gave his fans a short recap of events from his “Lamborghini,” saying, “Arkhram tries to save him, couldn’t get the job done. I lost to PewDiePie, I lost to PewDiePie, fuck!” before loading into his loser’s bracket match.

Dr Disrespect and Arkhram were eliminated shortly after in loser’s bracket round two, as they faced SypherPK and HighDistortion.

Many fans would like to see Dr Disrespect collaborate with PewDiePie in future, given how entertaining their interactions were with each other on stream – maybe if the YouTuber comes back to compete we could even see them team up.


Dr Disrespect goes bald in bizarre Agent 47 cosplay for Hitman 3 stream

Published: 21/Jan/2021 0:32

by Michael Gwilliam


Streaming legend Dr Disrespect got into character for his playthrough of Hitman 3 by getting rid of his iconic mullet and going bald to cosplay as Agent 47.

Dr Disrespect is known to go the extra mile when trying out big new blockbuster video game releases. Notably, the two-time revamped his entire intro for the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 with some insane production quality.

While most of his character-specific streams have been limited to graphics such as reimagining himself as a Valorant skin prior to the game’s release, he decided to up the ante with a simple cosplay for Hitman.

During his January 20 stream of Hitman 3, the Two-Time Champion opted to cover his head in an attempt to appear bald, just like the game’s protagonist.

Bald Dr Disrespect
YouTube/Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect got into character to play Hitman 3.

Unfortunately, Doc didn’t also opt for Agent 47’s signature suit with the red tie and kept his more traditional attire, sunglasses and all.

Amusingly, one could say that Doc and Agent 47 are polar opposites. While Dr Disrespect is a bombastic, larger-than-life personality, 47 is quite emotionless and calculating. You won’t see him flipping open an old phone after “getting a call” from shroud, TimTheTatMan, Ninja or another streamer.

As such, it makes for an interesting contrast with Doc cosplaying as a character whose only common theme is the desire to kill – in video games at least.

Speaking of the games, since the franchise was rebooted in 2016 as part of the World of Assassination trilogy, it has received critical acclaim. Enough so to make Doc even try his luck in the world of stealth.

That said, according to streaming Star, this was his first time ever playing a Hitman game despite seeing footage and gameplay of the other titles. Bravely, he decided to play on the game’s hardest difficulty, aiming for a zero death experience.

While the game may not exactly allow the Dr Disrespect to bring his signature violence, speed and momentum given its emphasis on stealth and infiltration, he seems to be enjoying it enough to see it through to its completion.