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PewDiePie and Ninja team up in most unlikely Fortnite Friday duo of all time

Published: 3/Jun/2019 10:12 Updated: 7/Jun/2019 18:15

by Joe Craven


Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem, creator of the popular Friday Fortnite competitions, has confirmed that Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and YouTube King Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg are teaming up for Week 2 of the online tournament.

Friday Fortnite returned on May 31, seeing NRG Esports’ MrSavage and Benjyfisy take home first place as they overcame Ghost Gaming’s Kamo and Issa in the Grand Finals of the $20,000 tournament.

Ninja, the most followed streamer on Twitch, was playing with his long time duo partner Reverse2k, whom he is still struggling to qualify for World Cup Duos with. The two finished a respectable third place. However, for Week 2 of Friday Fortnite Season 2, on June 7, he will be playing with Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie in one of the most unforeseen moves in the history of the tournaments.

UMGThe May 31 return of Friday Fortnite was a resounding success, with over 10 million unique viewers.

PewDiePie is best known for his YouTube channel which sits at over 96 million subscribers – the most subscribed to individually run account in the world. His Fortnite Battle Royale abilities will remain a mystery to most who follow him, as he has not exactly made the game a staple of his channel, but he’ll be hoping to step up alongside Ninja when June 7 rolls around.

While Pewds’ channel started life with gaming content and quickly grew to be known for some of the most popular ‘lets play’ videos ever made, the Swede has not focused on video games for a long while. He has, however, been known to mock Fortnite Battle Royale above just about any other game on the market today, making the collaboration with Ninja even more bizarre. 

The news was confirmed by the host of the even KEEMSTAR, who posted a video of Ninja’s highlights and described the two men as the “biggest names in gaming”. The news was well received by the community, amassing over 35,000 likes at the time of writing.

Popular American YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson responded in typical fashion, joking that he’d give Keem his bank account if he can play them in the first round next week. After Keem said he already had an “evil plan” for that, Donaldson revised his offer, throwing his YouTube channel in as well.

It’s understandable that competitors will be so keen to face the king of YouTube – the opportunities for content will be next to endless, especially given his comedic commentaries and statements about the game, and its personalities, in the past.

It will be a pleasant surprise to those watching if Ninja and Pewds are able to mount a serious challenge. The tournament is generally dominated by professional duos but some celebrities, such as Tory Lanez, have proven their talent, and even challenged the professional duos.

PewDiePie will be hoping to replicate this outsider success when June 7 hits, and KEEMSTAR will be keen to see if the combined might of two of the internet’s biggest stars will be enough to help his tournament break viewership records.

Ninja, of course, will be streaming on his ever popular Twitch account while PewDiePie, given his recent deal with DLive, will be streaming via that platform starting at 1pm PDT.

More Friday Fortnite information, including a full hub with brackets and schedule, will be posted on Dexerto prior to the June 7 competition. 


TikTokers Josh Richards & Griffin Johnson become Royal Ravens co-owners

Published: 1/Dec/2020 15:00

by Albert Petrosyan


TikTok superstars and original members of the Sway House, Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson, have become investors in ReKTGlobal, the parent company of the Call of Duty League’s London Royal Ravens franchise and Rogue.

The news was announced on December 1 as two of the biggest names on TikTok have officially become co-owners of the London Royal Ravens and Rogue of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC).

“Griffin and Josh have uniquely captured the attention of Generation Z and beyond, and their influence is undeniable. They are both incredible additions to the ReKTGlobal ownership team,” said Dave Bialek, CEO of ReKTGlobal. “They have strong business instincts, a unique talent for developing viral content, and an understanding of how to connect with younger audiences and casual gamers.”

Combined, Richards (23.4M) and Johnson (9.8M) boast over 33 million followers on TikTok as well as similarly huge numbers on most main social media platforms. ReKTGlobal envisions their massive online presence will play a key role as the pair will develop new content, merchandise collaborations, and promotions with the Royal Ravens and Rogue.

Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson join ReKTGlobal
Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson repping merch from the teams they now co-own.

“They are natural-born hustlers and have leveraged their TikTok fame to step into acting and music, becoming entrepreneurs and investors in the process,” Bialek added. “We couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the ReKTGlobal family as we continue to bridge the gap between the world of esports, entertainment and pop culture.”

Griffin Johnson shared similar sentiments as the news of their investment became public, having roots as an avid gamer and Call of Duty fan.

“The fact that I can now say I own a part of London Royal Ravens and Team Rogue is unbelievably surreal,” he said. “I am thankful to Dave and Amish for allowing me into the ReKTGlobal family with open arms. Can’t wait to get to work and help bridge the gap between traditional social media and esports.”

ReKTGlobal is a huge esports org
ReKTGlobal’s reach and presence in esports is massive.

As for Josh Richards, this isn’t the first time he’s been involved with ReKTGlobal; in May 2020, his creator management company, TalentX Entertainment, embarked on a joint venture with ReKTGlobal called TalentX Gaming, a talent management company with a focus on gaming and esports athletes and content creators.

“Coming on as an investor to ReKTGlobal was genuinely a no-brainer,” he commented. “After a few meetings with the C-suite at ReKTGlobal, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.”

The TikTok megastars are the latest in a long list of celebrity figures who have joined ReKTGlobal as investors, including legendary DJ Steve Aoki, Grammy-winning rock band Imagine Dragons, international producer Nicky Romero, NBA defensive star Rudy Gobert, NFL player Landon Collins, and, most recently, star YouTuber Vikkstar.