Dr Disrespect invades DrLupo’s chat and gets perfect response

Alec Mullins
Dr Disrespect on stream

Dr Disrespect is never one to hold back so when he jumped into DrLupo’s chat and got what he was looking for right away, he let the Champions Club know exactly how he was feeling.

Dr Disrespect and DrLupo are two of the biggest streamers in all of gaming, and while they might sound like a mismatched pair of medical professionals, the two are actually quite the formidable team when they’re together.

That’s why The Two-Time was so thrilled by the response he got after invading Lupo’s chat with the hope of luring him into play the extraction shooter Hunt: Showdown together in the near future.

DrLupo’s perfect response to Dr Disrespect’s invite

In his typical over-the-top fashion, Dr Disrespect dropped into his pal’s stream and made a show of getting into the business.

He stayed perfectly in character while composing his vaguely threatening comment to his content creation colleague

“I need to know now, have you played Hunt: Showdown?” he asked, signing the message with his own name.

Lupo knew what was coming next and skipped right into giving the other doctor exactly what he was after. “Doc, I have played Hunt: Showdown and I think it’s an exceptional game as well. You trying to run it up with me and [Poolshark?]

The straightforward-but-enthusiastic exchange absolutely uplifted the Blockbuster Video Game World Champion and he let it show right away. “Okay, perfect. I love that…that’s the type of response I’m looking for, you know what I mean?”

It doesn’t hurt that this trio has already done some real damage in Escape from Tarkov, so the transition to another tactical FPS should be a breeze for this gang of multitalented streamers.

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