Dr DisRespect has some ideas on how to improve TwitchCon - Dexerto

Dr DisRespect has some ideas on how to improve TwitchCon

Published: 30/Oct/2018 1:36

by Vincent Genova


The World Champion doc called the CEO of Twitch with ideas on how to improve TwitchCon.

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Dr DisRespect made the pretend phone call on his stream to the delight of his chat.

His main point was to reduce the amount of children at TwitchCon.

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“Do I have ideas on how to improve TwitchCon? Yeah,” started Doc. “Let’s try to eliminate 90% of the crowd of fourth graders.”

He was not impressed with the crowd, saying it was like watching an “IRL channel of some middle school.”

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The biggest game on Twitch was unsurprisingly the biggest game of TwitchCon, with Fortnite being a dominating presence at the convention.


Fortnite has fans of all ages and many of them are younger.

Previously, Dr DisRespect was unhappy at the amount of attention paid to Ninja at TwitchCon.

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Although TwitchCon features the biggest streamers and personalities on the platform, Dr DisRespect was not in attendance.

He gave a reason for why he did not attend, saying there were “things I gotta do man, things I gotta handle.”