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Dr Disrespect has a new rule for viewers complaining about him playing Fortnite

Published: 9/Jan/2019 10:41 Updated: 9/Jan/2019 16:10

by Calum Patterson


Dr Disrespect has been playing more Fortnite than normal on his Twitch stream, and any viewers that have an issue with it have been warned to keep it to themselves.

The Doc has never been known as a Fortnite fan, in the past even mocking the game, but it has captured his imagination at the start of 2019, leaving other games by the wayside.

Known best for games like PUBG and Blackout, some of his viewers are understandably disappointed that he has moved away from these titles, but Dr Disrespect doesn’t want to hear it.

Starting his stream on January 8, viewers began spamming “BLACKOUT” repeatedly in the chat, as the Doc loaded up the Epic Games launcher, ready for some Fortnite.

Seeing the messages in the chat, he laid down the law, explaining “We’re not playing Blackout. If I see it again in the chat, you’re out of the champions club for good.”

“If you’re concerned, or worried about what we’re playing, on a daily basis, if you’re typing in chat ‘play something else’, you’re automatically banned.” In typical Dr Disrespect fashion, he gives it to his fans straight, “so don’t be flapping your gums about what game we’re playing today.”

It’s a harsh rule, but one that is perhaps necessary for the Doc to enforce, else his chat may become out of control with constant bickering about what he is playing, which can in turn affect his own showmanship.

Many streamers have experienced the struggle of trying to switch away from a ‘main’ game, and attempting to maintain and please their audience, and even the biggest streamers face this problem.


Mr Beast struggles through ridiculous 24-hour ice house challenge

Published: 30/Oct/2020 5:33 Updated: 30/Oct/2020 5:47

by Brad Norton


Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson is no stranger to over the top challenges but his latest video was one of the most difficult he’s ever filmed, as he struggled to endure 24 hours in a house made completely of ice.

While Mr Beast loves to giveaway crazy prizes to competitors, friends, and even just strangers on the street, he also loves a good challenge. From 24 hours in a prison to surviving on a deserted island, the popular YouTuber has done just about everything.

Looking to push the boundaries even further, his latest task was to endure the freezing cold for a full day. It wasn’t just a cold room with the air conditioning cranked, it was an entire house made of ice. Brick by brick the structure fully was completely encased in ice to keep Mr Beast as cold as possible.

Everything from the chairs to the toilet was also frozen solid. Mere hours into the attempt it had quickly become “one of the harder challenges [he’s] ever done.”

Mr Beast Ice house challenge
YouTube: Mr Beast
A few hours into the challenge and Mr Beast had to start getting regular checks to ensure he wasn’t in proper danger.

So what was the motive to remain in the ice house? If Mr Beast survived all 24 hours, his closest friends would have to cover themselves “in syrup and feathers” in public. On the other hand, if he left early, the same punishment would be applied.

After a few hours of pacing back and forth to keep his body active, he bargained for a pair of gloves. A nearby crew member handed them over and agreed to a $10,000 deal to be Mr Beast’s “spy” throughout the challenge.

This was certainly one of the more unique challenges on the channel as the gimmick never let up. Mr Beast was even forced to eat a stack of pancakes with a fork made entirely of ice. At the 12 hour mark, he conceded that “it was brutal.”

“Literally the coldest I’ve ever been in my entire life,” he said after the fact. “I was miserable.” Despite the odds being stacked against him and his friends trying to make the challenge even harder, he pushed through to the very end.

Days after revealing his most expensive video ever, it turns out this rather simple challenge was quite costly as well. 

“This video cost me around $300,000 to make. For the price that it cost me to build an ice house, I could have bought a real house.”