Dr Disrespect tells ‘Asmongold’ how to get “buff” after weird donation

Dustin Steiner

Want to know how to get as buff as Fortnite even got uninstalled, (again.) That is, until a transition between games was interrupted by “Asmongold” (or someone claiming to be him), clearly on a break of his own from streaming. 

It seems that the World of Warcraft streamer, or his would-be impersonator, was getting tired of not exercising after streaming WoW Classic since the game’s launch, with little in the way of a break. So, who better to ask than the man who claims to have a 37-inch vertical leap?

G FuelDr Disrespect is known for his hilarious mid-stream skits.

“Hey Doc,” the donation message from ‘Asmongold’ began. “I’m 6’2”, 120 lbs, and all I do is play WoW all day, what can I do to get as buff as you?” 

The Doc took a long pause, sighed, and said that “Soy milk has been pretty good. Try some soy milk.”

The verdict’s still out if soy milk will help the classically lanky Asmongold get as buff as the so-called perfect human specimen Dr. Disrespect, but none the less, he had to ask. Of course, it’s entirely possible that the Doc was referring to Asmongold as a “soy boy,” a less than friendly term for someone who’s “weak.” More helpful workout advice would have been to do anything physical, or maybe watch his eating habits. 

Of course, this whole fiasco could have easily been Dr Disrespect trolling, as he’s been known to do. As a joke, he has also had “shroud” give him a phone call after impressive sniping incidents in PUBG, just as an example. 

Dr Disrespect has taken his share of shots at Asmongold, especially as he has not been shy about his feelings towards World of Warcraft throughout Classic’s launch. He tried to “commentate” over a stream of someone playing WoW but got frustrated soon into the clip, launching into one of his famous tirades and closing the video.

Asmongold has been making his way through Onyxia’s Lair on his Warrior in WoW Classic, among dealing with trolls that have been out to get him on the streaming realm of Faerlina.

His channel has seen massive growth in the past few months as WoW Classic launched, fueled in large part by the nostalgia of the general gaming public to at least see the game they once invested literal weeks of game time in, if not play themselves. 

It seems the “feud” between the two will continue for some time.

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