Dr DisRespect shows off shiny new command center on stream

Virginia Glaze

Popular streamer Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm showed off a new command-center during one of his broadcasts.

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“What do I have in my background, ladies and gentlemen?” he asked his audience during a spiel discussing his greatness. “Take a look, man.”

He transitioned to a new graphic for his green screen, which showed the streamer in a brand-new, ultra-slick command center.

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“Take a look around!” he yelled. “What do I got? Do you see a refrigerator back there?”

The fictional space was an all-new look into the Doc’s infamous ‘Arena,’ complete with an expansive control center and hydraulic double doors emblazoned with his logo. Viewers could even get a glimpse into the Arena itself, with a CGI audience milling about and cheering outside some windows in the far corner.

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The room even featured a moving robot near the windows, as well, with several television screens arranged around the area’s ceiling.

The new command center follows early access release of the Doc’s very own GFUEL flavor, Black on Blackberry. The flavor comes in a 40-serving tub as well as a collector’s box, and even features a new shaker cup, ‘The Doc Jr.’

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While the new cup is a far cry from the Doc’s previous ‘Tall Boy’ shaker, his partnership with GFUEL has already begat some memorable moments – his hilarious commercial being one of them.

Orders for Black on Blackberry ship out on October 4. Until then, fans can get their fill of the Doc through his regular stream, which features ample violence, speed, and momentum for any two-time Blockbuster champion.