Domino’s Pizza sparks backlash online over “do not feed employees” sign

Dylan Horetski
Domino's pizza under fire

Domino’s Pizza has come under fire online after a TikTok video showing an in-store sign saying “Please do not feed the employees” went viral, with many comparing it to a sign at the zoo.

When it comes to popular pizza chains around the world, most people think of Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s.

With over a million customers visiting their 19,000 stores worldwide every day, Domino’s is among the most popular places to get pizza.

But now, they’ve come under fire after a TikTok video showing a sign in-store with the words “Please do not feed the employees” went viral on the app.

Dominos under fire over “do not feed” sign in-store

Uploaded on December 4, by TikToker abeyanddash, text overlayed on the video reads: “That seems a little cruel.”

Abeyanddash zoomed in on a sign placed inside the restaurant that reads: “Please do not feed the employees.”

The creator captioned the video as well, explaining that they’re disappointed in Domino’s. “Honestly so disappointed in dominos… you really should be feeding your employees,” it read.

The video quickly went viral, with many users comparing the sign to ones outside of animal enclosures at the zoo.

“The equivalent to “please don’t feed the animals” in certain parts of the zoo,” one user replied.

Another viewer said: “Make them look like zoo animals with that kind of sign.”

A few others shared their experiences from working at the worldwide chain, including one user who claims they weren’t allowed to let customers see them eat.

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