Woman goes viral claiming Domino’s gave her raw pizza twice in one night

Dylan Horetski
TikToker says Dominos gave her raw food

A woman on TikTok has gone viral after uploading a video claiming Domino’s gave her raw pizza twice in the same night.

With over a billion people using TikTok each month, there’s no telling what type of content could go viral on the short-form video platform.

From Landon Barker appearing to fetishize girlfriend Charli D’Amelio’s feet to a woman flying to Canada just to buy McDonald’s, the possibilities are endless.

TikToker Mama Sarina recently went viral with a video claiming that Domino’s delivered her a completely raw pizza not once, but twice in the same night.

Woman claims Domino’s gave her raw food

“Disappointed, dissatisfied, you name it,” she said in the caption of the video. In the clip is one of the pizzas she ordered with white sauce and various other toppings. It was just one of the items in her $96 order.

“I don’t normally complain but I thought this was f*ckin worthy of a complaint,” she said. “First of all, this is how the pizza came. This is the remake. This is the second pizza they’ve brought me. I wanna show you the piece we took out.”

“It’s f*cking raw. Look. The dough is raw. This is a raw a*s pizza. It’s just foul. It’s not hard to put a pizza in the oven. Get your sh*t together.”

Viewers quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts on the situation.

“I wouldn’t trust getting another pizza from them I would get a refund and move on. I’m so paranoid about ppl messing with my food if I complain,” one viewer commented.

Another said: “Definitely call and speak to management. That’s not cool get your money back girl.”

A third viewer asked how she managed to spend $96 on pizza, which led to her explaining that she purchased two things of wings and six different types of pizza.

Others took to the comments to share that it could have been an illusion due to the employee adding too much cheese, not that it wasn’t cooked enough.

It’s unknown whether or not Domino’s has given Mama Sarina a refund for the pizza just yet, but the TikToker did mention they were working on making it happen.

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