DLive StayAtHome 2 million Lemon giveaway: How to take part

Calum Patterson

Livestreaming platform DLive are doing their bit to help out during the unprecedented global situation, by offering users cashback on paid subscriptions, and matching that cashback in donations.

The campaign runs from April 2 to April 30, as users will be offered 30% cashback and DLive will be matching up to $1 million Lemon worth in US dollars over that period.

The money will then be donated to various charities fighting the difficult situation affecting everyone’s daily lives. 

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Additionally, Justin Sun, founder of TRON Foundation and the CEO of BitTorrent, will be streaming on DLive to support up to 100 random creators with a Ninjaghini donation, with a total donation up to 100,000 Lemon.

With many parts of the world now under lockdown, there’s no better time to stay in and watch livestreams, and DLive is making it even more rewarding.

You can see full details of the StayAtHome campaign here.

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How to participate in 2 Million Lemon giveaway

  1. Retweet this Tweet
  2. Subscribe to any streamer on DLive from April 2-30, and rewards will automatically be credited to your account until 1 million Lemon have been given away.
  3. For streamers, to participate in the Ninjaghini Support Creators stream, simply go live during the broadcast. The time of the stream will be announced soon.

For those unfamiliar, Lemon is a token on the Lino Blockchain, that can be transacted within DLive at a value of $0.012 USD. Users can give Lemon to streamers through donations or subscriptions.

DLive itself doesn’t take any cut from streamers. 90.1% goes to the content creator, while 9.9% goes to a pool that rewards people with LINO Stake for their contributions to the network on a daily basis.