Best streamer fails, drama and funny moments in March

. 2 years ago

One of the most appealing things about streams is the constant chance that literally anything could happen live while you’re watching, whether it’s hilarious moments or classic fails, and we’ve rounded up some of the best clips from the past week.

No matter which platform you choose to watch on, the chances are extremely high that you’ll end up stumbling across a funny moment, a massive rage, or something so bizarre and unique that you just won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the screen no matter how hard you try, which in the end is the true beauty of livestreaming.

It doesn’t matter how many followers or viewers you have, if something crazy happens on your stream there’s always a chance it’ll go viral. Tons of clips rake in thousands of views every week as fans flock to see the moments that make us all love the incredible nature of live broadcasting, whether they’re playing games or just chatting with their audience.

With so many streams and hilarious moments taking place every day across multiple platforms, it can be tough to catch everything. But we’ve compiled everything you need to see into one handy place so you don’t miss a second of the week’s best action.

From Twitch star Masayoshi accidentally drinking dish soap instead of the water he intended, to Dr Disrespect trying to reunite former 100 Thieves partners NICKMERCS and Nadeshot despite their ongoing feud, these are the best fails, dramas, and funny moments for streaming fans to enjoy.

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