Dixie D’Amelio explains why she waited to get nose surgery

Georgina Smith
Dixie D'Amelio gets nose surgeryTwitter: Dixie D'Amelio

TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio has revealed that she’s finally gone through with her nose surgery, similar to the operation that her sister Charli had in early July, and has explained why she waited a little while longer to get it done.

Dixie’s sister Charli D’Amelio surprised fans in early July when she uploaded a TikTok that revealed she had got surgery on her nose, saying that she “couldn’t wait to be in dance classes again” after her injury prevented her from doing so.

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In a YouTube video a month later, she documented the whole process, and explained that as a result of an accident where she bumped heads with her friend resulting in both their noses being broken a year prior, her breathing was severely impacted and surgery was recommended.

In that video, Dixie also attended a consultation with the surgeon but did not end up getting the surgery at the same point that Charli did, and as the issue was not suggested to be genetic, fans wondered why Dixie might need the same surgery.

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On September 16, Dixie uploaded a tweeted with some painful looking pictures of her nose in a splint looking quite upset, but captioned it with a lighthearted “#selfie.” In a later life stream, the star went into detail about why she needed the surgery.

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Why did Dixie D’Amelio get nose surgery?

It seems that there may well be an accident-prone gene in the D’Amelio family line, as Dixie explained that she too broke her nose on multiple occasions when she was younger, though she said she isn’t entirely sure which incident caused the breathing issues.

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“I had surgery today. It went really well, I think,” she said, though also mentioned that she cried a little after. “I wanna know the exact time I broke my nose, cause I have so many ideas.”

She recalls the time she “went ice-skating and slammed my face into the ground,” in second grade, and her mom further explains that not long after that the doctor told her she needed surgery due to the damage.

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She also said that she “waited to get this surgery because I wanted to do sports.” But also the teaser release for an upcoming ‘Be Happy remix’ music video, likely meant that she had to postpone the surgery in order to be able to film the music video.

Dixie D’Amelio is a TikTok star with over 38 million followers, soaring to success within the last year along with sister Charli D’Amelio, and becoming some of the most well known faces on the app.

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