Dixie D’Amelio addresses “illuminati” rumors after getting a black eye

Meera Jacka
Dixie D'Amelio addresses rumors after getting a black eye

Dixie D’Amelio has responded to rumors on TikTok claiming that her black eye was a sign she had made a deal with the Illuminati.

TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio sported a gnarly black eye during an Instagram live stream on April 1 after drunkenly wandering headfirst into a pocket door in her house.

Despite explaining the cause of her injury, it didn’t take long for Dixie’s fans to begin theorizing deeper meanings and coming up with conspiracy theories surrounding the black eye.

Notably, one person claimed Dixie’s black eye meant she had made a deal with the Illuminati to ensure the success of her new MyMuse Passion soda. However, Dixie herself has since shut down all rumors.

Dixie responds to Illuminati rumors

The claims of Illuminati dealings were made by an Instagram user who stated Dixie had “sold [her] soul” to get a collab with MyMuse. They wrote, “The black eye. That’s initiation. We all know it’s always the left eye. The all-seeing eye. It’s a procedure they have done.”

Sharing a screenshot of the comments on her private Instagram account ‘mydixiewreckd‘, Dixie said, “So, if I’m reading this right… the drink that I made last year with a company I have been working with for [four] years is only happening because I joined the Illuminati and you know that because I got a black eye last week. Is that what you are saying?”

Appearing perplexed by the rumors, Dixie remained lighthearted in her response, informing fans that the drink was now available at Target; “I love all [you] crazy sl***.”

Dixie responds to Illuminati rumors part 2

Dixie also pointed out that the original poster had been incorrect about which eye had been injured — rather than the “all-seeing” left eye, Dixie had bruised the right. Due to Dixie’s camera inverting photos, viewers had been tricked into thinking it was the other way around.