DisguisedToast reveals he developed a game KSI played on YouTube 10 years ago

Eleni Thomas
DisguisedToast KSI

During a recent stream, DisguisedToast showed a ten-year-old clip of KSI playing a particular game, with Toast then admitting that the game was actually one that he created back in high school.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for old clips of popular streamers and content creators to resurface, these videos typically snap shots into the start of their careers. During his latest stream, DisguisedToast revealed to his audience a surprising detail along those lines, and, in a way, a surprise collaboration between himself and one of the UK’s most popular figures, KSI. 

When discussing how he used to create video games and code, now content creator DisguisedToast showed old footage of KSI streaming a video game. Toast quickly revealed that the game KSI can be seen playing in the 10-year-old clip is actually one that he created back in high school.

“So that’s KSI ten years ago,” began Toast, before confirming that, “the game he is playing… is the game I made 10 years ago as a coder.”

Toast then let the KSI clip roll further, before commenting, “I mean I wasn’t anyone I just made video games on the internet for fun. I was in high school. So he just plays my game.”

After watching through his old game for a few more moments, Toast then laughs off the clip before finally stating. “This was a long time ago, I coded this game. It’s pretty bad.”

This content was a change-up from Toast’s usual work, with the streamer focusing most of his attention on his Valorant team. DisguisedToast is very open and honest about the struggles he is facing with esports and building up his presence in Valorant.

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