Disguised Toast admits OTK deserved Best Content Organization award over OfflineTV

disguised-toast-streamer-awardsTwitch: QTCinderella

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang explained that OTK deserved to win the award for Best Content Organization at The Streamer Awards because they had a big year in terms of stream content.

The Streamer Awards, which ended up being a smash-hit on Twitch, commemorated the achievements of the best streamers throughout the past year. However, there was also an award for the Best Content Organization.

OTK, an organization created and owned by a slew of big names, including Asmongold, Esfand, and Mizkif, managed to beat the other three candidates; OfflineTV, 100 Thieves, and NRG, to win the prestigious award.

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Disguised Toast believes OTK “one-hundred percent” deserved to win the award. The topic came up after a fan asked him how it happened, and he explained why, claiming they’re “really good” at doing stream content.

“How did OTK beat OTV and 100 Thieves? I would say over the last year, OTK has been doing a lot of good stream content,” said Toast. They’ve racked up countless hours of quality content throughout the year.

In contrast, he believes OfflineTV and 100 Thieves excelled in different areas. “I would say OfflineTV does better YouTube content. No contest compared to the other two. 100 Thieves is pretty good at selling merch.”

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However, OTK had a better year in terms of stream content, which is what the award was all about. “OTK is just really good at doing stream content. “They have done so many collaborations and game shows.”

For that reason, Toast insisted OTK “one-hundred percent” deserved to win the award for Best Content Organization more than the other candidates, including OfflineTV, and he had no qualms about them winning it.

Although OfflineTV didn’t win the award and Disguised Toast missed out on winning the Best Variety streamer award, he did take home the award for Best Strategy Game Streamer, which is a throwback to his roots.

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He wasn’t the only OfflineTV member to win an award, either. LilyPichu won the award for Best Music Streamer, and Pokimane won the Legacy Award. So, it still wasn’t a bad day in the office for the organization.

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