Destiny thinks Twitch removing Amouranth’s ads could be a contract breach

. 1 year ago
Destiny on Twitch and Amouranth
Twitch: Amouranth / Destiny

Twitch streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell believes Twitch may be in the wrong after the platform suspended advertising on Amouranth’s channel, and suggested that it could even amount to a breach of contract.

Destiny finds himself in a similar position to Amouranth, as he lost his partnership on the platform in September 2020, for “encouragement of violence.”

On May 18, Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa announced that Twitch was suspending advertising on her channel indefinitely, and said that she had been given no warning of the change.

It is presumed, but not confirmed, that this is because of Amouranth’s content, which in 2021 has been heavily focused on ‘hot tub’ streams – where Siragusa streams wearing a swimsuit while in an inflatable pool.

Twitch: amouranth
Amouranth can no longer receive ad revenue on Twitch.

The decision to suspend ads on her channel, and particularly the fact that she was not given prior warning, Destiny believes could be in breach of the partnership contract.

“It is really weird that you can lose your ad revenue, with no contact – we need to get that Phantoml0rd lawyer,” Bonnell said, referring to the recently concluded lawsuit between Phantoml0rd and Twitch.

“I’m 95% sure it was a violation of my contract, because I read through it a few times when we were fighting over things. I’m supposed to have time to remedy breaches, or they have to inform you if they’re cutting off the contract. Like it has to be a written statement why, they can’t just say you broke it.

“For [Amouranth]’s stuff too, part of the obligation on Twitch’s end of those contracts, is they provide ad revenue and services. I think that’s part of the obligation on their side,” Destiny concluded.

Destiny isn’t the only big-name on Twitch to criticize the platform over the decision either.

Asmongold has said that Twitch “dropped the ball,” and worries about the precedent it could set for removing ads from other channels.

On the other hand, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has argued that the decision might “save” others on the platform, by making Amouranth the ‘scapegoat’ – “This is my true take. This might have saved everybody from losing their ads. This might be a scapegoat for all of us.”

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