Deadmau5 mocks Twitch streamers in heated argument with PUBG player

Michael Gwilliam

PUBG player Grizz got into a heated exchange with Canadian musician Joel ‘Deadmau5’ Zimmerman after the artist called Twitch streamer beggars during a discussion on tipping in restaurants. 

During the middle of a round in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Saturday, October 19, Twitch streamer Grizz and Deadmau5 started talking about restaurants, tips and the minimum wage. 

In North America, restaurants pay their employees lower than the minimum wage because tips make up for the difference, something Grizz said he believed was “bulls**t”.

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“Like, who made up tipping? What the f**k,” Grizz joked.

“This is so ironic coming from a couple of f**king streamers who f**king ebeg for five bucks,” Deadmau5 clapped back. “Get the f**k out of here with that.”

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“Ebeg?” Grizz gasped, causing the Canadian music producer to mock the streamer’s early comments.

“Oh god, who invented tipping? That’s so lame. It’s like they’re entitled to it or something. Like and subscribe, kids,” he mocked in a song-song tone.

Just as the argument was beginning to resemble a debate about tipping from the classic film Reservoir Dogs, the two players went their separate ways.

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However, Grizz was able to reengage with the artist a few minutes later by driving a vehicle over him in an act of friendly fire. 

“Oh okay, I see how it is,” Deadmau laughed. “He’s a little butthurt.”

“I didn’t see you there at all,” Grizz responded before attempting to restart the convo where they left off. While the artist didn’t want to talk about tipping again, the streamer kept pushing him and began to debate whether he wanted to or not.

After restating his point about restaurants paying employees less because of tips, the artist instantly remarked, “I can’t imagine the outcry when Twitch starts taking more.” 

“You were so off-base and insulting,” Grizz replied. “I don’t know how you can even say that.” 

“Come on, dude. Grow a pair,” the Zimmerman chimed.

Grizz went on to explain how streamers don’t ask for tips and when he first started he never asked people to do anything. To this, Deadmau5 suggested that by that logic, neither did anyone who worked at a restaurant.

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Eventually, the conversation turned into whether or not restaurants actually paid employees minimum wage with the Canadian insisting that they did and Grizz saying the opposite. 

According to the United States Department of Labor, “An employer of a tipped employee is only required to pay $2.13 an hour in direct wages if that amount plus the tips received equals at least the Federal minimum wage.” 

It was quite a bizarre discussion that nearly turned ugly, but luckily cooler heads prevailed. 

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