H3H3 accuses David Dobrik of bragging about “sexual assault” in old prank

Ethan Klein and David Dobrik talking to camerasYouTube: H3H3/David Dobrik

Ethan Klein, founder of the H3H3 YouTube channel, has accused David Dobrik of bragging about sexual assault because of an old prank that he used in a vlog. 

Over the last few months, former members of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad have been airing their grievances with the YouTuber – with a few of them appearing on H3H3’s different podcasts to talk about their experiences

That includes Seth Francois, who appeared on H3 After Dark in early February, accusing the YouTuber of pressuring him into making racially insensitive and nonconsensual content.

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The latter of which included a prank where Francois was made to make out with Jason Nash, something he says has caused him trauma and ultimately led to his exit from the Vlog Squad and Los Angeles. 

seth francoi and david dobrik clickbait merchInstagram: daviddobrik
Dobrik and Francois filmed plenty of videos together, but some of them clearly went too far.

On February 26, Klein he tweeted out a clip from an old episode of the VIEWS podcast where Dobrik appeared to ‘brag’ about the prank on Francois. 

In the short clip, Dobrik explains the setup behind the prank, laughing about how it would land Francois in hot water with his pals, but that it was the “perfect setup” given his background. 

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“David’s MCN is trying to remove this clip from the internet. This is straight-up sexual assault and he did it to him twice,” Klein tweeted in regards to the clip. “Absolutely infuriating to hear him talk about it so joyously knowing the trauma it caused Seth.”

Many of the replies to Klein’s tweet questioned why he was making the argument and gave Dorbik a pass as it was “funny,” and Francois had the videos removed after speaking to the YouTuber. 

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As of writing, Dobrik hasn’t commented on the tweet, and it remains to be seen if Klein and Dobrik will hash out their differences, or if the YouTuber turned podcaster will continue the seemingly one-sided beef until he draws a response.

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