David Dobrik reveals how he was “robbed” of $10k Iron Man statue

david dobrik side by side with his iron man suitInstagram/YouTube: David Dobrik

David Dobrik has revealed that the $10,000 Iron Man statue he has been waiting well over a year for was stolen from him after being delivered to the wrong address — and the recipient is refusing to give it back.

Anybody that knows Dobrik knows he is a huge Marvel fanatic, and Iron Man is his favorite in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In fact, he even auditioned for a role in Shang-Chi and almost had the chance to join the MCU as part of it, though that never came to fruition.

With his love for Marvel, though, David has committed to buying memorabilia from the MCU and has spent a lot of money, including on a fully-functional Iron Man mask and suit. But, he wanted to get this $10k statue to present as a centerpiece in his Los Angeles home.

david-dobrik-tv-show-youtubeYouTube: VIEWS
Dobrik revealed the situation on his VIEWS podcast.

With a year and a half wait for the statue to be produced and shipped all the way from China, David Dobrik was no doubt delighted when he got the notification saying his shipment had arrived in the United States — but that excitement was short-lived.

It became apparent that his statue had actually arrived elsewhere in California to someone else who had ordered one but not paid for it, and they refused to give it back despite pleas from the selling company.

“The people that have our statue emailed the makers of the Iron Man in China, this is what they said,” he started, before reading the email on his VIEWS podcast.

“Your request to return Iron Man Mark 50 has come to my attention. While I am cognizant of the shipping error, once it arrived we made immediate plans to use it as a centerpiece in a forthcoming press conference … I am respectfully requesting you to seriously reconsider your intention to reclaim the work and permit us to proceed to exhibit it as we had hoped.”

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The situation developed though, as the day after recording that part of the podcast, Jason Nash and Dobrik’s assistant, Taylor, went to the address provided to hunt down the statue.

After requesting the shipment be returned and asking to take it back, the recipient said the statue had been delivered to one of their warehouses elsewhere, such as San Diego — but they “knew he was lying” based on the way he was acting.

After leaving without the statue, Jason said that Taylor did some more digging and discovered that the man was actually, allegedly, a convicted pedophile, as well as being notorious for “taking memorabilia and not paying for it.”

It goes without saying that if David wants his Iron Man statue back, he might have to take his own advice and contact the police — but it’s not going to be an easy process.