David Dobrik explains bizarre time he and his teacher met Chief Keef

Chief Keef and David DobrikInstagram: shelbyandsandy

David Dobrik has revealed that he once took his high school English teacher to meet Chief Keef, in what might be one of the strangest stories you’ll hear.

David Dobrik is arguably one of the biggest stars on YouTube, even despite having not uploaded for several months throughout 2020.

His viral short-form content has garnered him a lot of fans and a standing among even big celebrities, too, having made videos with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber in the past.

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While this may seem like a cool life to be living, David still manages to stay grounded — and has proven it by discussing the time he brought his high school English teacher along with him to meet popular Chicago rapper Chief Keef.

David Dobrik and Chief Keef togetherInstagram: shelbyandsandy
Dobrik and Keef got together to advertise for a company called Shelby and Sandy.

During an episode of Dobrik’s VIEWS podcast with Jason Nash, he had his former teacher, Jeff Killinger, on as a guest, and they quickly got on to discussing the time David took him to meet the star behind tracks such as “Love Sosa” and “I Don’t Like.”

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“I was kind of nervous…” Dobrik said, stating that he wasn’t sure he was “tough enough” to meet Keef. “I asked Killinger to come with me to Chief Keef’s house, like, just as protection so I feel safe.”

If it isn’t weird enough that Dobrik asked one of his high school teachers to join him in meeting Keef, Killinger explained how he and his wife had to try and make small talk with one of the rapper’s entourage while David was working — and it sounds like it was an incredibly awkward encounter, as they asked if he, too was from Chicago, or a rapper, but failed to get much dialogue going with him.

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Obviously David has continued to have a very positive relationship with his old teacher despite leaving high school several years ago, but even so, this is definitely not a scenario most people could imagine finding themselves in.

That said, it must be pretty cool for Killinger to see one of his former pupils finding so much success, and even better to be taken along for the ride, too.

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