Danny Duncan responds to abuse allegations from former employee

Danny Duncan responds to abuse allegationsYouTube: Danny Duncan

YouTube star Danny Duncan has published an official response to former employee and fellow content creator Aaron ‘SunhatKid’ Hall, who accused Duncan of multiple instances of physical abuse.

On December 3, Hall released a video accusing Danny Duncan — a YouTube prankster with over 6 million subscribers — of purported physical abuse.

In his video, Hall claimed that Duncan had repeatedly punched him in the head, pressured him to sign a contract that allegedly prevented him from collaborating with other influencers, and even said that Duncan had threatened him with a knife.

Hall also cited himself as being the brunt of many jokes, claiming that “no one cared” about him unless he was “acting like a clown” for Duncan’s content.

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On December 7, Duncan released an official response video to these accusations, beginning with a recorded conversation between himself and Hall, who was purportedly “unhappy” with not being included in Duncan’s videos.

In the conversation, Duncan can be heard saying that he was “bothered” by Hall purportedly “threatening” him.

Hall responded by wondering what he would do “next” after being on his own, saying: “I gotta play it smart, I gotta play the LA game. … I think I’m good at starting drama.”

Danny Duncan and SunhatKidYouTube: Danny Duncan
Aaron the ‘SunhatKid’ was a common presence in Duncan’s videos before their falling out.

Danny Duncan denies abuse allegations from SunhatKid

Duncan then reacted to Hall’s accusation video, saying that he had never forced the YouTuber to unfollow anyone on social media. He claimed that the wrestling and head-punching altercation was a “joke,” citing multiple recorded instances of roughhousing with friends.

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Duncan stated that he and Hall had spoken three times about his concerns prior to his video, and added that none of the purported abuse had been brought up in these discussions. Instead, Duncan claimed that Aaron had felt “ripped off” by his contract.


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In his response, Duncan also claimed that Aaron had “almost killed” his dog after leaving the animal in a cage for “days” during his first tour, and even said that Hall had nearly “destroyed” Duncan’s “brand-new house” with water damage from not mopping up water from his shower.

“This dude is out of his mind,” Duncan said. “He makes a mess with everything. … I am a d**k at times, I’m not gonna ever deny that. This is how I would handle it. I’m not saying this is the best way, but I’m not an f**king abuser, and I don’t beat him.”

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“I loved Aaron. I literally would have done anything for him. Anything.”

SunhatKid reacts to Danny Duncan response video

Fellow influencer JiDion later called Aaron Hall during a live stream to discuss Duncan’s response video. Hall repeatedly accused Duncan of lying and denied creating his accusation video to boost his channel.

Hall also claimed the audio discussions between himself and Duncan were taken “out of context.”

“He’s lying,” Hall said. “That’s all I’m gonna leave it at. He’s lying. I was very, very distraught when I found out that he lied. Supposedly he was always so honest, but his fans are gonna find out he’s a liar. They’re gonna find out.”

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No further statements have been made regarding the situation at the time of writing.