Daequan finally confirms first gaming stream back on Twitch

Daequan talking to camera with Twitch logoDaequan/Twitch

NRG’s Daequan ‘Daequan’ Loco has revealed when he’ll be bringing his hiatus from Twitch streaming to an end and finally get back to livestreaming games.

Prior to late August, Daequan and Hamlinz had been inactive from content creation for almost two years. The then-TSM pair teased returns on multiple occasions, but it never quite stuck outside of a day or two.

After teasing posters popped up around LA, and fans uncovered a mysterious YouTube channel, the pair revealed that they’d joined NRG Esports and launched the Thoom House with a handful of other creators.

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They’ve both been back on social media, with Hamlinz returning to Twitch, but Daequan has yet to do so. Though, he’ll finally be bringing his hiatus to an end in the near future.

YouTube, NRG Thoom House
Daequan and Hamlinz recently signed with NRG, Created the “NRG Thoom House” with seven of their closest friends.

Prior to the NRG announcement, where Daequan went live on his channel to show off the Thoom House and chat with viewers about his prolonged absence, he hadn’t streamed on Twitch since the beginning of 2020.

His four million-strong follower base fluctuated a little bit in that time, but fans lived in hope of a return. Now, it’ll be happening on Friday, September 24 with a variety stream.

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“Friday, 2 PM (PST) variety gamer streams finally begin. Starting with the game that started it all,” he tweeted on September 23. Of course, it didn’t long for fans to start guessing as to what game he meant, with many of them realizing that he probably means Fortnite as that was the game that sparked his meteoric rise. 

The NRG star hasn’t dropped any other details outside of that, so we’ll have to wait until he goes live before we know more about his future schedule and ideas for streaming.

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Though, for fans that have waited for so long to see his channel with the live tag again, any sort of streams will be welcomed.

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