Customer splits TikTok after berating McDonald’s workers who forgot his napkins

Customer berates McDonald's workers who forgot his napkinsTIKTOK: jessicadmv1993

A customer left TikTok viewers divided after berating McDonald’s employees for forgetting to put napkins in his food bag.

In a viral video with over 143,000 views, the customer was filmed venting out his anger on the McDonald’s workers. 

“You guys better get your head out of your ass,” the customer said to the workers. “You gave us all of this food and everything and not one napkin.”

The customer would then direct his anger toward the manager, telling her that she “should be smart enough to make some of [the employees] do [their] job.”

The manager and worker calmly asked if he needed napkins, and tried to calm him down, but the customer was persistent. One of the workers tried to jump to the manager’s defense, however, the man told her to “shut up. I’m not talking to you. She’s the manager, I’m talking to her.”

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At some point, he went on about how he’s owned a business for 27 years, and that the manager is in charge to make sure the other employees “don’t screw up.” The customer claimed that this is a common occurrence, as they’ve already had “five mistakes at the drive-thru.”

“Smarten up,” the man told the workers twice, as he stormed off.

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TikTok divided over customer berating McDonald’s workers who forgot his napkins

Many TikTok users slammed the customer and failed to understand why the man was angry over napkins.

“Just ask for napkins and calm down,” one user commented. “All this because of napkins?!” another one wrote.

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“There’s no way that guy owned a business for 27 years talking to people like that,” a third user shared.

“Is there a male equivalent of ‘Karen‘?” someone questioned. “I’m legitimately curious.”

Others sided with the customer, claiming McDonald’s often messes up.

“Naw cause this is an actual problem. Not only McDonald’s but a lot of fast food restaurants don’t give out napkins it’s frustrating,” one user claimed.

“He stating facts, they never give you napkins, ketchup or sauces even tho you ask at the speaker. then they get mad when you check at window,” another one said.

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“I mean McDonald’s do kinda f up our orders all the time,” someone else shared.