Popular streamer CouRage parts ways with OpTic Gaming

In a stunning announcement on November 16, Twitch streamer and YouTuber Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop and OpTic Gaming have mutually decided to part ways going forward.

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A message posted to the OpTic Gaming Reddit page revealed that CouRage is no longer be a member of the org’s content creation team, citing the rapid growth of his personal brand as a reason for their short-lived partnership.

While this announcement is likely to come as a shock to many in the online gaming community, this scenario was apparently something that was discussed even prior to CouRage joining OpTic back in March.

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“Before Jack joined, he and OpTicJ had discussed that this day would probably come sooner rather than later due to the great momentum he had been building with his personal brand.”

Conflicting sponsorships was another reason cited for why this decision was ultimately made, as certain sponsors were only willing to sponsor the individual and not the org as a whole.

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“Secondarily, due to Jack’s “Courage” brand growth, there can be situations where the team has a specific sponsor, but a competing sponsor comes into the picture and only wants to sponsor the individual. These situations can be tricky and we definitely want to be just as supportive with Jack as he has been with OpTic, so we all agreed that this was the proper path.”

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At several points in the text, the post makes a point to note that the decision to part ways was made mutually between the two parties and that the popular content creator and the org remain on good terms.

“We have nothing but love for Jack and what he’s been able to accomplish under the OpTic banner.”

CouRage confirmed the announcement in a live-stream shortly after, revealing that he was open to reviewing offers from other orgs should he receive any.

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A former caster for the Call of Duty World League, CouRage left the broadcast desk in March for a career as a streamer and YouTuber, primarily associated with the popular battle royale game Fortnite.

His brand has exploded ever since then, as he recently celebrated reaching 1 million followers on Twitch and 640,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Source – Reddit

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