Couple goes viral after accidentally proposing at the same time at Disneyland

Eleni Thomas
Disneyland proposal header

A couple has gone viral on TikTok for accidentally proposing at the same time while visiting Disneyland together.

When it comes to proposals, couples who visit Disneyland typically take the opportunity to get down on one knee and ask their partner to marry them. While this may be common, it’s not every day that both partners have the exact same plan.

TikTok user Mac shared a video of them trying to propose to their partner, who then revealed that they had the exact same idea. In a video that now has over 14.2 million views, users were obsessed with the couple and how they proposed to each other at the exact same time.

If the video is unable to load, you can access it via the link here.

In the clip captioned, “I went to propose to my boyfriend and this happened, Mac can be seen kissing their partner before pulling out a ring and getting down on one knee.

Their partner begins laughing before also getting a ring out of their pocket and dropping down on a knee. The two then laugh off the moment before kissing and accepting each other’s Disneyland marriage proposals. 

Couple go viral for proposing at Disneyland at the same time

In the TikTok, Mac also wrote in the bio “What can i say? We share one brain cell and now we share more! (and have a partner reveal! he’s a fairly private person, which is why he hasn’t popped up in my TikTok yet. I can no longer call him my boyfriend.)”

The TikTok is flooded with heartwarming comments from users who found the moment as beautiful as it is hilarious. One wrote “”I don’t think a better proposal story has ever existed” wile another commented “at least they know it’s a mutual feeling. Congrats!”

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