UFC Champion backs Joe Rogan’s assessment of Logan Paul’s fighting skills

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul could have a better chance of entering the UFC than president Dana White alleges: analyst and mixed martial artist Tyron Woodley and MMA commentator Joe Rogan have both come out in support of Paul, despite White’s previous comments.

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In an interview on TMZ’s Hollywood Beatdown, Woodley praised Paul’s ability to make ‘millions and millions of dollars’ through his YouTube channel, comparing him to the likes of CM Punk and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

He also made sure to point out that Dana White has backpedaled on his policies before, citing Dana’s statement on women “never fighting in the UFC” – and his subsequent signage of Ronda Rousey.

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“He’s gonna fight in the UFC,” Woodley said of Paul’s chances in the org. “Dana is not a fool. He’s gonna fight. Mark my words – Logan Paul will fight in the UFC.”

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MMA commentator and host Joe Rogan had similar sentiments toward Paul, especially in regards to his physical ability in the Octagon.

“Logan Paul is fucking way better than CM Punk,” Rogan said in an interview with American surfer Kelly Slater. “Logan Paul actually knows how to fight.”

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Rogan’s comments were preceded by MMA fighter Sage Northcutt’s statement in late September, where he cited Paul’s previous experience in high school wrestling and said that he ‘would like to fight [Paul].’

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While Dana’s scathing comments were denied by brother Jake Paul and many others, the verdict is still out on Paul’s chances – for now.