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Corpse Husband scares TinaKitten by joining her Twitch stream out of nowhere

Published: 26/Jun/2021 15:09

by Connor Bennett


Corpse Husband gave TinaKitten a bit of a scare as he joined her stream call announced just as she was shopping live on Twitch.

After blowing up and becoming an internet sensation in the last year, Corpse Husband has been on a bit of a social media and streaming hiatus recently.

The streamer, who has yet to reveal his face, hasn’t streamed since the end of May, but he can crop up in other streams from time to time.

More often than not, Corpse will join his friend’s stream, give them a positive message, and move on to something else. Sometimes, it produces a golden highlight as it takes a streamer by surprise.


Corpse Husband avatar holding an umbrella
Twitter: CORPSE
Corpse has been known to dip in and out of social media.

Well, that’s what happened to TinaKitten during her June 24 stream. She was minding her business, doing some shopping live on stream when she was trying to figure out what color oven mitts to buy.

Help came in the form of Corpse’s surprise arrival and message, as he urged her to buy “dusty rose” colored mittens. Seeing as she thought she was alone, Tina jumped as Corpse spoke to her.

“Ah! Oh my god! Dude, you scared me! Why did you say it like that?” Tina said after jumping in shock. “Dusty Rose, yeah.”

Her viewers got a kick out of Corpse’s surprise appearance but he didn’t dip out right after scaring Tina. Instead, he stuck around for a while longer and helped her with her shopping.


The pair did tease some future streams together as fans want to see Corpse get back into streaming and making videos. Some want to see him and Sykkuno team up in Minecraft, however, Sykkuno said that is unlikely to happen now seeing as the OfflineTV server has become a bit dead.