Corinna Kopf explains why her relationship with Tfue failed

Corinna Kopf, Tfue - Instagram

Facebook Gaming streamer and YouTube star Corinna Kopf has opened up about the issues behind her second breakup with Fortnite pro Turner “Tfue” Tenney, as told during a February episode of “The Night Shift.”

Kopf and Tfue have been nigh inseparable since first confirming their romance in March 2019, after rumors claimed that the two had been secretly dating.

However, the two parted ways in July, with Kopf citing distance (and her ex’s distaste for Los Angeles) as the ultimate factor in their first breakup.

Corinna Kopf, Instagram
“Vlog Squad” member Corinna Kopf and Fortnite pro Tfue struck up a relationship in early 2019 – but distance ultimately took its toll on their romance.

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The two weren’t apart for long, though, and seemed to unofficially get back together shortly thereafter — but their relationship hit rough waters, once again, and the internet stars called it quits in early February, seemingly for good.

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Kopf was questioned about this second breakup during an episode of Mike Majlak’s “Night Shift” vlog series on February 20, where she explained that physical distance had taken the ultimate toll on their romance.

Corinna Kopf, YouTube
Both Tfue and Corinna have cited distance as the determining factor behind their breakup, with Tfue clarifying his distaste for LA in a February Twitch stream.

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“We dated for like, almost a year,” she began. “He only came to LA three times. I was in Florida for weeks on end. Usually, long distance relationships don’t work out if there’s not an end goal. The end goal is, you live in the same place eventually. He never wants to move to LA. I don’t think I ever want to be in Tampa, Florida.”

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This isn’t the first time she has claimed that Tfue’s dislike for LA has put a damper on their relationship: she cited a similar complaint in 2019, alleging that her amore wasn’t making an effort to visit her in Los Angeles.

“All I know is that I go and visit you way more, and you just don’t put effort in anymore,” she joked in a Fortnite stream. “So, I think I’m just gonna do this publicly… I wanna take a break.”

However, subsequent Tweets from Tfue after their 2020 split have since hinted that there’s more to the story, with the gaming pro writing, “Sometimes, you give someone everything and it’s still not enough.”

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While fans will likely never know the full details behind their breakup, it’s no secret that long distance can have an adverse affect on one’s love life, leaving these two social media stars officially over after nearly a year of trying to make things work.