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TikToker Tayler Holder responds to rapper DDG accusing him of racism

Published: 21/May/2021 6:08 Updated: 21/May/2021 11:18

by Georgina Smith


Tayler Holder has responded to accusations he was racist towards rapper DDG at the YouTubers vs. TikTokers press conference, claiming the rapper is “lying” about what word the TikTok star allegedly said.

On May 19, DDG uploaded a YouTube video titled ‘Tayler Holder is Cancelled… (He called me a *****),’ in which he claimed Tayler was racist towards him at the press conference for the YouTubers vs. TikTokers event, in which the pair will both appear.

He showed a clip from the Hollywood Fix, where he alleges Tayler called them “black-ass motherf***kers.”

“Tayler, you’ve got some explaining to do for that slur that you said. That racial slur has to come behind some explanation. You know what I mean?” he said. “You’re gonna have to clarify what you mean by black-ass motherf***kers.”


YouTuber Deshae Frost also uploaded a video in which he alleged that Tayler told him to ‘get the f**k out of his DMs,’ including screenshots he said were from their conversation.

However, Tayler argues that he actually said “wack-ass,” and also accused Deshae of faking the DMs he included in his video, posting a different screenshot to his Instagram story that he claimed were the real messages.

Tayler Holder posts DMs to his Insta story

In his official video response on May 21, Holder stressed that “racial slandering and racism is not something to play with. It’s not something I’ve ever been ok with and I will never be ok with that.”


While airing out his side of the controversy, Holder revealed a few different angles of the scene.

“I found another angle where you clearly see my mouth saying ‘whack’ not ‘black. I’m simply not that type of person.”

The Tiktoker also posted a message to Twitter in which he reiterated his side. “Bruh some people thirsty af,” he wrote. “Imagine lying saying I’m ‘racist.’ Playing victim so hard and having your boys create fake DMs with me to try to make me look even worse. Y’all lame af.”

The big YouTuber vs. TikTokers boxing event is set for June 12, and tensions have already been building after Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom got into a fight at the conference.