Corinna Kopf lashes out at Logan Paul for implying she sleeps around with YouTubers

Virginia Glaze
Logan Paul, YouTube / Corinna Kopf, Instagram

Instagram model Corinna Kopf may have officially ended her fling with controversial YouTuber Logan Paul, after Paul made some damning claims about her during an episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast.

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Paul opened up about their mysterious relationship during his podcast on February 15, where he explained the controversy around Kopf’s Valentine’s Day Tweet toward his boxing rival, KSI.

Logan went on to explain that he and Kopf were merely friends with benefits – and even implied that she had slept with multiple YouTubers in the space, to boot.

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“Look, she’s a grown-ass woman,” Paul said of the matter. “She can do whatever she wants. Go bust down, get your clout, run through the YouTubers. Do you. I’m not gonna try to stop her.”

Kopf appeared to respond to Paul’s claims with a scathing Tweet on February 19, writing, “Damn, some men are so disrespectful in the way they talk to women. Your mother would be so proud.”

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After being caught subtweeting each other on social media, Paul and Kopf were spotted cuddling up at a Lakers game in late January, sparking rumors that the two were officially dating.

However, Kopf later went on to Tweet KSI on Valentine’s Day, alerting him that she was in London – complete with a red heart emoji.

Splash News, Metro UKWhile Logan Paul and Corinna Kopf were thought to be officially dating, it looks like the two were merely friends with benefits, according to Paul.
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Logan Paul liked the Tweet in response, which has since been deleted in light of the scandal.

Kopf was likewise speculated to be involved with Fortnite pro FaZe Tfue, who claimed that he and Kopf were “just friends” when questioned about the matter.

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